On-Site Disintegration, On-Site Paper Shredding

One of the shredding services DDI provides is On-Site Disintegration, On-Site paper shredding. Data Disposal will provide the equipment and personnel necessary to ensure all material is destroyed at your location of choosing: office, residence or storage facility. Using a knife-mill disintegrator, all material is reduced to a maximum output size of 3/8″ in diameter (roughly the size of confetti). Highly sensitive and/or DOD controlled security documentation is disintegrated to a maximum output size of 3/32″ in diameter (a fine dust) consistent with NISPOM requirements.

Our On-Site vehicles are equipped with Security Engineered Machinery (SEM) Model 22 knife-mill disintegrators. The destruction equipment is powered with an onboard Kohl Model A225610017 Diesel generators. The units are California Air Resources Board (CARB) registered Tier 3 engines and permitted consistent with CARB regulations. No external power source is required.

The disintegration process can handle paper, cardboard, mylar, vellum, floppy disks, video cassettes, audio cassettes, CD-ROM platters, DVD platters, microfilm and microfiche. The process can handle staples, paperclips, comb-binds, snap-binds (plastic) and spiral binds (plastic).

The destruction of computer hard drives, magnetic back up tapes, printer backup (spool) tapes and digital platters is available, but not as an On-Site option.