Off-Site Destruction: Paper Shredding, Shredding Services, Document Shredding

The destruction process can handle paper, cardboard, mylar, vellum, floppy disks, video cassettes, audio cassettes, CD-ROM platters, DVD platters, microfilm and microfiche. The process can handle staples, paperclips, comb-binds, snap-binds (plastic) and spiral binds (plastic)

Data Disposal will provide the equipment and personnel necessary to collect all designated material targeted for destruction from your location of choosing; office, residence or storage facility. The material is retuned in an enclosed vehicle to our Spring Valley site for destruction. All material is reduced to either 5/16″ wide strips, 1/2″ diameter output, 3/8″ diameter output or 3/32″ diameter output particulate. Data Disposal’s multiple output options ensure you, the customer, are securing the best and most cost effective means of destroying your material.

For contaminated material that cannot be safely destroyed through the use of shredding and/or disintegration equipment, Data Disposal offers an incineration process whereby all collected material is reduced to ash. Contaminated material is that which has been wet, contains rodent droppings, mold, mildew or any evidence the materials’ disintegration or strip shredding would result in the release of airborne contaminants.

The destruction of computer hard drives, magnetic back up tapes, printer backup (spool) tapes and digital platters is available.