Container Maintenance

Data Disposal container maintenance service will deliver and setup two types of containers to be used in the collection of material destined for destruction. A 35-Gallon Security Console (Dimensions: 35.5” H x 21.25” W x 15.25”D) and a 64-Gallon Container (Dimensions: 41”H x 23”W x 28.5”D) are available. Both units are configured to lock.

Material destined for destruction is cleanly and securely deposited into the containers. Visits are scheduled to remove the collected material and ensure proper destruction. Data
Disposal offers scheduled visits and/or requests for service on an “as needed” basis.
On-site disintegration and off-site destruction services are available. One-time requests are welcome.

Paper, cardboard, mylar, vellum, floppy disks, video cassettes, audio cassettes, CD-ROM platters, DVD platters, microfilm and microfiche can be deposited and destroyed. The process can handle staples, paperclips, comb-binds, snap-binds (plastic) and spiral binds (plastic).

The destruction of computer hard drives, magnetic back up tapes, printer backup (spool) tapes and digital platters is available.