Shredding Services San Diego

shredded paperAt Data Disposal Inc. we offer a variety of different services to cater to all of your document destruction needs. They include On-Site Paper Shredding, Off-Site Paper Shredding, Container Maintenance Services, Drop-Off Paper Shredding, and Hard Drive Destruction.

On-Site Paper Shredding
Off-Site Paper Shredding
Container Maintenance Services
Drop-Off Paper Shredding
Hard Drive Destruction

For On-Site Paper Shredding we send a truck to your location, and you are able to watch all of your material to be destroyed. If you would like to read more about our On-Site paper shredding service please “click here”.

Our Off-Site Paper shredding services includes us picking up your material in one of our trucks, bringing it back to our warehouse securely, and destroying all of your important documents. We then send you a Certificate of Destruction once all your material has been destroyed. If you would like to read more on our off-site paper shredding service please “click here”.

Container Maintenance is probably our most customer friendly service for all of our customers. We drop off a lockable container to your location to be used in the collection of material destined for destruction. This saves the need to search for random boxes or bags that lock, or have loose documents laying around. Either call us when it’s full or we can have a prearranged date or dates that we will come out, empty your container/s and shred them at our secure facility. Your container will now be empty and ready to receive new material to be destroyed. For more information about our container maintenance service please “click here”. If you would like to contact us about the container service please “click here”.

Our drop-off paper shredding service allows you to bring your boxes or bags full of paper to be shredded to our secure facility. It’s easy and fast, you wont be here long. While you’re here you can see the equipment that will be shredding your paper. If you would like to watch your documents be destroyed you can do that as well for your peace of mind that your information will be gone forever.

Hard Drive destruction is a great way to make sure none of your media information can never leave the hard drive. People have all types of information they don’t want to be made public on their computers. letting us destroy your hard drive is a secure way to make sure that will never happen. We can come out and collect your hard drives for destruction at our location, or we can dismantle the hard drive and degauss it prior to our removing the drive from your location.

100% of the material placed in our charge is destroyed. 100% of the material that can be recycled is recycled. A Certificate of Destruction is issued at the completion of every job, big or small.

Shredding Services San Diego