Paper Shredding San Diego – DIY VS. DDI

Each and every one of us has thought the same thing at one point, or another- “How do I dispose of my documents/papers to prevent others from stealing the information?”

We will discuss all different types of destroying your documents; destroying your documents by your self or having Data Disposal destroying your documents for you.


A) You can tear each individual letter, statement, bill, document, etc. into tiny pieces by hand. 

This method, while effective when executed properly, is a arduous, mundane task that will not only drain your time and energy, but will most likely leave you with an uneasy feeling as you wonder whether, or not the pieces you’ve torn are small enough to be undecipherable now that anyone who sees the remnants will automatically recognize the fact that there MUST be some valuable information contained within the remnants, otherwise you would not have ripped everything by hand.

B) You can burn them. 

This method is extremely dangerous and may be in violation of many city, state and federal laws. Unlike most soap operas and mystery films, the majority of us do NOT keep large metal plates lying on top of our desks at home, or work just for the sake of setting a document, or file on fire. Furthermore, when done in bulk there would obviously be an abundance of smoke and fumes (attracting the attention of neighbors), or if done indoors (can’t imagine why one would do this) it might set off the fire-alarm and sprinkler system.

C) You can BUY a portable paper shredder at home.

For the majority who’ve chosen to pass on suggestions A & B (congratulations btw), this seems to be a very popular way to go. On the surface the idea seems rather promising, however if you ask anyone who has already gone this route you may be surprised to hear that many of them aren’t pleased with this solution and most simply utilize a home shredder out of convenience and necessity. Most likely, these people have never even considered using a service like Data Disposal, Inc. because they believe that it’s too expensive to do so.



D) You can actively look for a Document Destruction service to shred your documents.

Since most people today (with documents to destroy) have access to the internet, they can simply “Google” (search) for a service nearby by typing something along the lines of: “Paper Shredding San Diego” into the search bar. A list of places will appear along with their contact information, which you can call, or e-mail and ask about pricing.


Assuming you decide to go with option C, or D (note: DDI does NOT endorse options A, or B) then below you’ll find some key factors to consider before making your final choice.



For people looking into purchasing a portable home shredder, there are some crucial things to take into consideration. First and foremost, there is an exceptionally large selection of portable shredders for purchase ranging in price from as little as $30 up to as much as $200+ for higher quality models. Unfortunately, most portable shredders have about a 3-month life expectancy although some of the more expensive models may last up to 1 year, or more. The longevity depends on many factors, some of which are:

1) You must follow the instructions without fail- shred one (or more depending on model) page at a time, no compact discs, credit cards, no paper clips, excessive staples, tape, substances that increase the thickness/gauge of the paper.

2) Shred only suggested paper types- standard sheet paper, computer paper only

3) Perform regular maintenance- oiling, cleaning, etc.

4) Do not force paper into the shredder.

If you access Amazon, or other websites that have customer reviews on paper shredders, you’ll see many, many examples of angry customers whose portable paper shredder broke down in less than 3 months. You will also see that coincidentally, many warranties on these shredders are only for 30 days. So portable shredders (while convenient) are not really that cost-effective. They require the use of electricity, similar to many appliances, which is a cost in addition to the machine itself.


Having a portable shredder can be extremely convenient as it is right there at your fingertips.




Depending on where your closest provider is located, it may be an inconvenience to drop off your materials for destruction. Most companies offer many options, including Pick-Up, or On-Site paper shredding, but these options require a minimum and may not be cost-effective depending on the amount of material you need destroyed.


If you are able to drop off your materials for destruction, (though prices may be higher at other companies and/or they may have a minimum charge) at Data Disposal, Inc. the cost is ONLY $2.50/box (standard-size banker’s box) with no minimum charges making the service extremely cost-efficient. Instead of wasting valuable time shredding page after page at your desk, or at home, simply place all your documents and materials into a box and when it’s filled drop it off. For businesses, or communities that collect and compile their materials together, there is always the option of scheduling a pick-up for even further convenience. Best of all, DDI can shred ANY of your materials, especially everything that portable shredders can not: CD’s, old floppy discs, DVD’s, Credit Cards, paper-clips, binders, cardboard, etc.

At DDI you receive a Certificate of Destruction with every service, big, or small and all documents are processed down to 5/16″ shred size and then mixed in with shred particulate from many other sources before being bundled and then shipped to the recycling center. DDI can service all of you document and media destruction and storage needs. Data Disposal, Inc. has been operating Incident-Free since 1984, providing peace of mind to all of our customers.


Ultimately, the decision is up to you and here at DDI we hope we’ve provided enough information to make thing easier. We understand and appreciate that everyone’s situation is different and we’re always here to answer any questions if you would like further information on using our services.