Data Disposal is Finally On The Social Scene

Greetings Everyone!

Now you may be asking yourself, why does a Materials Destruction service like Data Disposal, Inc. have an active blog? Well, that is a truly excellent question although another truly excellent question might also be why we’ve waited so long to participate in the online community. Both excellent questions. We don’t have a good answer for either. Hey, at least we’re honest.

What will we be blogging about?

Sorry to disappoint everyone, but we won’t be discussing any of the highly informative, engaging, surprising, insightful and sometimes controversial materials that we come across every day. Not now, not ever. In fact, shame on you for hoping so. ;)  In all seriousness- we highly respect the confidentiality of all our clients and we take the handling of sensitive materials extremely seriously. So our blog will definitely NOT be in any way related, nor connected to any/all information entrusted to us at any time.

Relax- our blog will NOT be about what it’s like to separate, shred and recycle paper either.

Not going to lie, it very well could be about what we eat for lunch from time to time, but mainly it will probably be about who we are as a company and the importance of properly disposing of sensitive and confidential materials. The events we attend (sporting, lifestyle, industry, etc.) as well as the occasional insight from the perspective of a steadfast, hard-working small business during and throughout a difficult recession alongside the Social Media revolution.

Long story short- we’re still figuring it out, but at the very least you’ll be pleased to hear that our services (like always) remain unparalleled in terms of quality, efficiency, pricing and trust to ensure that when it comes to the proper disposal of your materials, we will always be your first choice.

Thanks for reading and make it a great one!

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