Data Disposal Partners with Guess Jeans and Green Field Paper

Data Disposal recently partnered with GUESS? Jeans and Greenfield Paper of San Diego as part of QUESS? Jeans’ resourcing program. Greenfield Paper takes clothing and converts it to paper.

GUESS? asked the CEO of Greenfield Paper, Shari Smith, to provide their cloth-to-paper service using discarded denim products GUESS? collects at their stores from customers. In return, GUESS? customers receive a 15% discount. Data Disposal was contracted by Greenfield, a longtime customer, to grind cloth into minute particulate to be used in the paper manufacturing process. Data Disposal takes these used clothing products and generates the disintegrated material necessary for Greenfield to make the final paper output.

Below is the GUESS? video highlighting their resourcing efforts, including the Greenfield cloth-to-paper process. A camera crew from GUESS? filmed Data Disposal’s part of the effort at out Spring Valley facility. Towards the end of the video, you will see Sheri Smith’s presentation. Even if our name does not appear, our employee, Thomas, does. There is a great shot of him holding the processed material in his hands.

Thanks to GUESS? and Greenfield Paper for allowing Data Disposal the opportunity to partner in this resourcing program.