Data Disposal Partners with Guess Jeans and Green Field Paper

Data Disposal recently partnered with GUESS? Jeans and Greenfield Paper of San Diego as part of QUESS? Jeans' resourcing program. Greenfield Paper takes clothing and converts it to paper. GUESS? asked the CEO of Greenfield Paper, Shari Smith, to provide their cloth-to-paper service using discarded denim products GUESS? collects at their stores from customers. In return, … [Read more...]


Data Disposal has been the pros in the paper shredding business since 1984. We can take care of all your paper shredding needs professionally, securely, completely. We offer on-site paper shredding, off site collection paper shredding, drop off paper shredding, and container maintenance services. We welcome both residential, businesses, and government. Servicing all of San … [Read more...]

Hard Drive Destruction Made Easy

If you haven’t had to dispose of an old computer, or device that utilizes a hard drive at least one time, or another in your life by now, than that means that most likely you've been living in a 3rd world country, or possibly that you've been confined to some sort of medical/scientific apparatus that prevents you from coming into contact with the outside world. If either of … [Read more...]